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1kg of woody biomass converts into 2.0 to 3.0 Nm3 of gas with a calorific value above 1,100Kcal/NM3.


Ankur Technology

Ankur systems are clean, easy to operate and maintain, and require less water and space than other technologies. A standardised solution can be installed easily and quickly, with a flexible, modular design that can be upscaled as needed.

  • Variety of sizes, from a container size with a footprint of just 40 sq. ft. up to a unit of 28,000 sq. ft. or larger
  • Investment ranges from £500,000 to £10m depending upon size of plant and area required
  • Remote access by internet
  • Digital read out on running parameters
  • Modular design enabling larger installations to benefit from consistent running periods and vastly reduced spares stock

Gas cooling and cleaning system

Gas coming out of the gasifier is usually 450°c or higher and generally contains little or no tar, with a small amount of ash and soot. Depending on the application, the temperature may need to be reduced. This is done by a state-of-the-art dry gas cleaning system, based around a heat exchanger, specially developed by Ankur. With no need for process water, no forced pressure or steam and with negative pressure, the system is safe to operate and environmentally friendly. The Syngas is now ready for use in an engine genset, gas turbine or boiler.

The benefits of dry gas cleaning:

  • No direct contact between gas and water
  • No dirty water
  • No need for ESP/tar cracker
  • Hot air generated during cooling can be used for drying feedstock
  • Low captive power required compared to wet filtration
  • Pollution Control Board compliant
  • PLC controlled, facilitating alarms, shut downs, etc.