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”Our gasification system turns wood waste into enough electricity to power the entire nine-acre site, saving the business nearly £100,000 a year and allowing surplus electricity to be exported to the National Grid.”

John Nelmes 

– Divisional Director, Premier Forest Products.

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Case Study  

– Premier Forest Group

In 2016, Ankur delivered its first ‘waste-to-energy’ project in the UK, supplying a gasification system to Newport-based Premier Forest Group, one of the country’s fastest-growing timber groups, involved in the importation, distribution, sawmilling and wholesale processing of timber and timber products.

Ankur’s FBG-400 gasifier formed the cornerstone of a £2m renewable energy investment over a three-year period, which saw the company’s Newport Docks headquarters becoming carbon negative for the first time. The gasifier produces 280kWe of gross renewable electricity, enough to power the entire nine-acre site, saving the business nearly £100,000 a year and providing additional revenue streams from sale to the Western Grid.

The gasification system utilises waste wood from the processing and fabrication facility, passing it through a shredder, where wood chips are mixed with sawdust, turning it into briquettes, which form an approved feedstock certified by the Biomass Supplies List (BSL). The feedstock is then transferred to the biomass gasifier in an adjacent building, where it is loaded into an automatic feed system powered on a 24/7 basis, providing a complete ‘waste-to-energy’ solution.

Previously, the company’s 1,250 tonnes of wood waste was sent to landfill, but the gasifier now transforms all wood waste into renewable energy and, as well as energy-saving benefits, significantly reduces the costs associated with waste disposal, such as skip hire and transport to landfill.

Following installation, Premier Forest Group won the timber industry’s most prestigious ‘Environmental Achievement’ award at the 2016 Timber Trade Journal Awards for achievements in reducing energy and protecting the environment. Ankur is proud to have contributed to the success of an exciting, forward-thinking business with a progressive attitude towards renewable energy and waste reduction.