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The Benefits

The benefits of Ankur gasification technology are wide-reaching:

Ease of use

Gasification converts a traditional low-quality fuel into high quality, convenient, combustible gaseous fuel at relatively high efficiencies, providing total convenience and process control.


Bespoke design specific to your requirements, which due to compact size, has little impact on the surrounding community and reduces transport of waste and landfill. Almost all environmental pollution associated with feedstock can be eliminated. Connected equipment ensures cleaner combustion, re-circulated water has zero discharge and no gases are released into the atmosphere. Carbon-neutral, with no harmful emissions, the system
is extremely environmentally-friendly.


Power plants can be installed quickly in areas where there is no power, aiding development, as well as reducing transport of waste and subsequent landfill. Some types of ash generated can be returned to the soil to increase agricultural productivity, and charcoal can be used as fuel.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Investment in gasification technology enables you to reduce your carbon footprint to help mitigate climate change, demonstrating to stakeholders and the public that you operate in an ethical manner and take responsibility for your social, economic and environmental impact.


Low capital requirement ensures a rapid return on investment. Initial investment and cost of energy production are among the lowest of all known alternatives, with costs based on locally available resources and reasonable price stability. Typically, a gasifier investment will pay for itself in lower energy costs within 2 – 4 years. As it is renewable energy technology, various incentives are available from the Government. The ability to sell surplus energy can also be factored in, either reducing the timeframe or creating a new business profit centre.


Current cost of disposing of waste = £x
Current cost of energy = £x
Gasification plant investment = £x
ROI typically begins in 2 – 4 years.

Who can benefit from gasification?

Given the modular construction and flexible design of Ankur’s gasification technology, it is suitable for any size of business or site. To be truly effective, a business needs to be spending money on the disposal of waste products or have access to a feedstock, which can be virtually anything that is combustible, and either use or sell the energy produced. Typical businesses include: